OTB Project
By the OTB Team

What is it?

OTB is an open source chat bot for Twitch and Beam. It can currently recognize and respond to commands in chat, and is highly configurable. With it, you can have your own personalized bot for your Twitch channel, and because it's open source, it's free.

OTB allows you to create commands, which are specific words which the bot will respond to if they are the first word in a message. Commands typically start with an exclamation mark, such as "!example", but are not required to. You can also create aliases, which are words which can expand into several words, in order to run a command with parameters. For more information about commands and aliases, please see the chat documentation.

The bot also has a robust configuration system, allowing different configurations for each channel. Each channel has cooldown times for how long a user must wait between running commands. There are six different userlevels which can have different cooldown times, as well as a cooldown time for how long to wait between running a single command twice. Additionally, the bot can be configured to join other channels based on a whitelist or a blacklist.

Plans for the Future

We plan to add a way to schedule commands to be run at regular intervals.

A chat filtering and timeout system is also being planned. It will enable you to ban certain terms easily on the fly, as well as enabling you to create complex filters to block a wide variety of messages.

A web interface is currently in the works. It will provide a graphical interface to make configuration changes much easier.